Microarray-Relevant NIH Grants in Fiscal Year 2008, Sep. 16 — Nov. 3, Part I of II
Organization, City, State PI Name Project Title
Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. Chaput, John A high-throughput route to synthetic antibodies for array-based cancer detection.
Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. Zhang, Peiming Fabrication of universal DNA nanoarrays for sequencing by hybridization.
San Diego
Rothwarf, David Magnetic encoded sortable particle arrays.
Baylor Research Institute, Dallas Pascual, Virginia Use of microarrays to understand systemic arthritis.
Middleton, Wis.
Zhu, Yuerong Development of a highly automated microarray data analysis system.
Hayward, Calif.
Bochner, Barry Phenotype microarray analysis of fastidious pathogens.
Boston University,
Lafyatis, Robert Microarray biomarkers of disease activity and progression in systemic sclerosis.
Brown University,
Lau, Bonnie Microarray discovery of hepatic biomarkers.
Mountain View, Calif.
Chenchik, Alex Array-assisted insertional mutagenesis platform for forward genetics of cancer.
Columbia University,
New York
Firestein, Stuart Microarray analysis of olfactory receptor expression.
Columbia University,
New York
Lipkin, Wian Pathogen discovery in chronic lung disease by mass tag PCR and microarray.
Columbia University,
New York
Wapner, Ronald Prenatal cytogenetic diagnosis by array-based copy number analysis.
Columbia University,
New York
Lipkin, Wian Viral arrays for biodefense.
Eon Corp.,
Davis, Calif.
Hughes, Owen Ceriodaphnia DNA microarrays.
Harvard Medical School, Boston Labaer, Joshua Biomarker detection using NAPPA tumor antigen arrays.
Indiana University, Indianapolis Edenberg, Howard Indiana gene array core.
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Ochs, Michael An open-source algorithm isolating overlapping signatures in microarray data.
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Irizarry, Rafael Preprocessing and analysis tools for contemporary microarray applications.
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Wang, Tao X chromosome cDNA microarray screening and functional study of novel XLMR genes.
Bordentown, NJ
Huang, Joseph Fluidic array for protein detection and analysis.
Los Angeles
Kudo, Lili High-throughput microarray based microdialysis.
New York University,
New York
Huflejt, Margaret Discovery and clinical validation of cancer biomarkers using printed glycan array.
Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Shea, Lonnie Transfected cell arrays for cancer research.