Product Introductions by BCW Index
Companies at the ASMS Conference
Company Product Introduced
Agilent Technologies Enhancements to its line of 6100 Series single quadrupole mass spectrometers for increased precision and speed.
GeneSpring MS 1.1. The new software enables import of data from the 6410 triple quadrupole liquid chromatography/mass spectrometer system.
High-Capacity Enrichment Column Chip for use with the 1200 Series HPLC-Chip/MS system. The column chip helps users separate low-abundance peptides from complex mixtures.
Intact Protein Chip for separating intact proteins.
FDA compliance features for the MassHunter Workstation. Helps users comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practices.
MassHunter Metabolite ID software.
Expansion of the mass range to 2,000 m/z from 1,650 m/z for the 6410 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.
Multiple Affinity Removal System Human -14. Removes 95 percent to 99 percent of the 14 most abundant proteins from human blood serum and plasma in one step. Available for both HPLC column and spin cartridge formats.
Applied Biosystems 4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer for larger sample proteomics studies.
ProteinPilot Software for data obtained from the 4800 Plus instrument and iTRAQ reagents.
Bruker BioSciences
(Bruker Daltonics)
TargetAnalysis software for multi-target compound screening in complex matrices.
ImagePrep sample preparation device for use with Bruker's MALDI Molecular Imager.
PerkinElmer ExacTag Analysis Software version 2.0. The updated software includes new data visualization and analysis tools.
Thermo Fisher Scientific High-Field Assymetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS) interface for ion trap mass spectrometers.
LTQ Orbitrap Discovery designed for general proteomics and metabolism applications.
LTQ Orbitrap XL designed for protein identification and biomarker discovery. Features new HCD octapole collision cell for increased flexibility in MS/MS fragmentation applications including iTRAQ-based peptide quantitation, PTM analysis, de novo sequencing, and metabolomics research.
LCQ Fleet ion trap mass spectrometer. Rapid system for providing maximum information with lower levels of sample consumption.
TSQ Quantum GC triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for use in environmental, food, toxicology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research laboratories.
TurboFlow XL columns for use with Transcend Systems. Enable reduced sample prep time and minimize ion suppression.
Waters MALDI Synapt HDMS System, a dual ionization mass spectrometer featuring both MALDI and atmospheric pressure ionization capability.
Identity High Definition Proteomics System, a UPLC system for qualitative proteomics. The system pairs the nanoAcquity UPLC system with either the Q-TOF Premier or Synapt HDMS system.
BiopharmaLynx software, a new application manager for MassLynx Mass Spectrometry software.