Microarray-Relevant NIH Grants in Fiscal Year 2007, July 28 - Sept. 12 (Part I of II)
Organization Name,
City, State
PI Name Project Title
Akonni Biosystems,
New Market, Md.
Chandler, Darrell Diagnostic protein array for respiratory infections.
Daitch, Charles Microfluidic controlled gel-drop microarrays for biothreat diagnostic devices.
Boulder, Colo.
Hacioglu, Bilge A real-time, label-free diagnostic platform with glycan arrays.
Ambion Diagnostics,
Austin, Tex.
Ye, Fei Bead-array for rapid risk-stratification in leukemia.
Brown, David MiRNA expression profiling.
Arizona State University,
Tempe, Ariz.
Zhang, Peiming Fabrication of universal DNA nanoarrays for sequencing by hybridization.
San Diego
Rothwarf, David Magnetic encoded sortable particle arrays.
Benaroya Research Institute,
Kwok, William Functional HLA-A*201-peptide and DR0401-peptide microarrays for type 1 diabetes.
Bioforce Nanosciences,
Ames, Iowa
Henderson, Eric Microfabricated deposition tools for creating nanoarrays.
Cao, Han Hybrid nanochannel arrays for single-molecule linear, genome analysis.
Boston University,
Meller, Amit High-throughput DNA sequencing using design polymers and nanopore arrays.
Brown University,
Providence, RI
Lau, Bonnie Microarray discovery of hepatic biomarkers.
Case Western Reserve University,
Mastrangelo, Carlos Large-scale nanopore arrays for DNA sequencing.
San Leandro, Calif.
Hung, Paul Microfluidic cell culture array for predictive toxicity screening.
La Jolla, Calif.
Huflejt, Margaret Discovery and clinical validation of cancer biomarkers using printed glycan array.
East Hartford, Conn.
Guignon, Ernest Plasmonic fluorescence microarray detection system.
Columbia University,
New York
Lipkin, Wian Viral arrays for biodefense.
Duke University,
Durham, NC
Skene, Pate Neurosciences microarray center.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,
Ramirez, Arturo Ovarian cancer biomarker discovery using scFv arrays.
Genome Data Systems,
Hamilton, NJ
Kumar, Rajan LFMA: microfluidics-enabled microarrays.
Harvard University,
Labaer, Joshua Biomarker detection using NAPPA tumor antigen arrays.
Boulder, Colo.
Rowlen, Kathy Advanced microarray technology for pathogen surveillance.
Indiana University,
Edenberg, Howard Indiana gene array core.
Jackson Laboratory,
Bar Harbor, Maine
Shockley, Keith ANOVA-based approaches to time-series microarray data.
Johns Hopkins University,
Wang, Tao X chromosome cDNA microarray screening and functional study of novel XLMR genes.
Irizarry, Rafael Software for the statistical analysis of microarray probe level data.