NIH Pharmacogenomics Grants, August — September 2006
Organization Name


Principal Investigator
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Zhen Lin
Protecting Genetic Privacy through Risk Assessment
Prediction Sciences
Troy Bremer
SNP-based lithium treatment outcome diagnostic
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Grant Montgomery
Identifying Susceptibility Genes for Endometriosis
Children's Hospital Pittsburgh
Rakesh Sindhi
Predictors for drug selection and minimization in pediatric liver transplantation
Maxwell Sensors
Margaret Morgan
A Parallel High-Throughput Pharmacogenetic Profiling Assay for Clinical Use
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Kirsten Moysich
Pharmacogenetics in Ovarian Cancer
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Kelan Tantisira
Pharmacogenetic Linkage of Corticosteroid Response: Asthma Therapy Implications
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Michael Caldwell
Modeling Genotype and other Factors to Enhance the Safety of Warfarin Prescribing
Boston University
Timothy Lash
Modification of tamoxifen effectiveness by gene polymorphisms and other drugs
Harvard University
Wei Zhou
Serum 25(OH)D levels, VDR and CYP24 polymorphisms, and NSCLC survival
Steven Nye
Consomic rat panels for pharmacogenomic studies and target identification
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Christine Ambrosone
Antioxidant supplements, genetics, and chemotherapy outcomes
*SOURCE: US National Institutes of Health