Molecular Biology Tool Patents Issued in the US to
BCW Index Companies, May 29, 2007 - June 26, 2007
Company US
Patent No.
Date Issued
Agilent Technologies (Stratagene) 7,235,362 June 26 Compositions and methods for protein isolation
Agilent Technologies 7,226,794 June 5 Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for biosensor systems and methods for determining the presence of biomolecules
7,224,449 May 29 Optical fluidic system with a capillary having a drilled through hole
7,224,448 May 29 Apparatus and methods for evaluating an optical property of a liquid sample
7,223,968 May 29 Multimode ionization mode separator
7,223,609 May 29 Arrays for multiplexed surface plasmon resonance detection of biological molecules
7,223,592 May 29 Devices and methods for performing array based assays
Applera 7,233,393 June 19 Signal noise reduction for imaging in biological analysis
7,228,237 June 5 Automatic threshold setting and baseline determination for real-time PCR
7,227,128 June 5

System and methods for improving signal/noise ratio for signal detectors

RE39,663 May 29 Electron-deficient nitrogen heterocycle-substituted fluorescein dyes
Applera and MDS 7,227,130 June 5 Method for providing barrier fields at the entrance and exit end of a mass spectrometer
Beckman Coulter 7,232,687 June 19 Multiple sorter monitor and control subsystem for flow cytometer
7,229,763 June 12 Assay system using labeled oligonucleotides
Bio-Rad Laboratories 7,220,385 May 22 System and method for multi-analyte detection
7,218,810 May 15 Biochemical assay detection in a liquid receptacle using a fiber optic exciter
Bruker BioSciences 7,235,781 June 26 Laser system for the ionization of a sample by matrix-assisted laser desorption in mass spectrometric analysis
7,223,966 May 29 Time-of-flight mass spectrometers with orthogonal ion injection
Caliper Life Sciences 7,233,865 June 19 Method for determining diffusivity and molecular weight in a microfluidic device
Cepheid 7,226,732 June 5 Methods, apparatus, and computer programs for verifying the integrity of a probe
Illumina 7,229,769 June 12 Compositions and methods for detecting protease activity
7,226,734 June 5 Multiplex decoding of array sensors with microspheres
Invitrogen 7,232,884 June 19 Methods of production of proteins
7,232,883 June 19 Methods for production of proteins
7,226,740 June 5 Aza-benzazolium containing cyanine dyes
7,223,576 May 29 Recombinational cloning using engineered recombination sites
7,223,566 May 29 Methods for production of proteins
Luminex 7,230,092 June 12 Capture moieties for nucleic acids and uses thereof
7,226,737 June 5 Polynucleotides for use as tags and tag complements, manufacture and use thereof
MDS 7,227,137 June 5 Fragmentation of ions by resonant excitation in a high order multipole field, low pressure ion trap
MDS (Molecular Devices) 7,229,595 June 12 Filtration column devices and methods of filtering therewith
Sequenom 7,232,688 June 19 Systems and methods for preparing and analyzing low volume analyte array elements
Thermo Fisher Scientific 7,233,870 June 19 Spectrometric data cleansing
7,233,154 June 19 Proximity sensor
7,230,232 June 12 Means for removing unwanted ions from an ion transport system and mass spectrometer
7,228,067 June 5 Chromatography column assembly with woven tubular mesh heater element
7,227,132 June 5 Apparatus and method for adjustment of ion separation resolution in FAIMS
7,225,096 May 29 Method of controlling and correcting an asymmetric waveform
7,223,971 May 29 Method and apparatus for selecting inlets of a multiple inlet FAIMS
7,223,967 May 29 Side-to-side FAIMS apparatus having an analyzer region with non-uniform spacing and method therefore
Waters 7,232,520 June 19 Ion exchange porous resins for solid phase extraction and chromatography
7,223,473 May 29 Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for their preparation